Open-source learning platform on upcycling fashion design


Here you will find 53 different products made from waste materials. All of them are creative, beautiful, original and useful, so we really encourage you to try to do them, do you dare? These upcycled garments are divided into four different sections: Accessories, clothes, mini (clothes for children) and home. Each descriptive unit follows the same structure, which has been conceived to improve the understanding of each task and to better organize a training session with a group of people with disabilities. In each unit, it is described the materials required to implement the garment, the estimated time needed, the degree of difficulty (estimated, it always depends on the abilities of the people following the course and must be considered by the trainer), the learning objectives, the abilities developed by following the training session and the step by step instructions on how each product is made.

The 53 upcycled garments have been made by people with psychic discomfort in Spain, Slovenia, Germany, Greece and Lithuania during 2016 and 2017. The descriptive units have been improved according to the feedback from these pilot experiences, taking into consideration the real needs detected during the training sessions. Some representative photos of the creative process were taken and are included in the final version of these teaching units that we are offering you. Also, some simple graphics complement the written information to give a clearer idea of the work to be done in each step.

We recommend you to start with the easiest ones and increase the degree of difficulty accordingly with the progress of the group to avoid frustration and withdrawals.  

These upcycled fashion units can be freely downloadable with no need to be registered in the Chic & Craft platform.